Covid-19 Helpers

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Title: Covid-19 Helpers: A Story for Kids about the Coronavirus and the People Helping During the 2020 Pandemic

Author: Beth Bacon

ISBN: 9781949467611

Pub Date: November 3, 2020

Binding: Paperback

Description: Here's a book that provides children honest yet positive information about Coronavirus (Covid-19). COVID-19 HELPERS gives kids the facts of the pandemic, but also offers hope. Mr. Rogers said that when things get scary, "Look for the helpers." Likewise, this story reassures children and parents that many people from all walks of life--including kids themselves--are helping to fight the virus. In COVID-19 HELPERS, Kary Lee's beautiful illustrations and Beth Bacon's clear, comforting words help children understand that though they may feel isolated in these times, they are not alone.